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The Vermont Pride Festival and Parade will be held on Sunday, September 14th, 2014. A parade down Church Street will start at 12:00pm, with festival in Battery Park from 1pm-5pm. Events will be hosted throughout the month of September as well. Stay tuned for further information!



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  1. Joanne Bottger

    Why has the Drag Race been renamed? So dull and so disappointing…

    • Claire Giroux Williams

      Hi Joanne, thanks for your comment. Do you mean the name “High Heel Race” is dull and disappointing?
      The reason it is referred to as the HHR rather than the Drag Race is simply to open it up to all members of the VT community, and not just those who do drag. Also, as you may have noticed the attendance of people in drag was pretty low at this years event. Some feedback is that since it is during Pride Week it is challenging for our members of the drag community, because of the time and effort it takes to ready, and the fact that they have so many other obligations during Pride Week.
      While other cities do Drag Races at random times of the year, we have found that it is a great way to kick off our Pride Week and get the community excited.
      As always, I invite folks who want to see changes to Pride Events to consider joinng our planning committee. Currently it is a pretty small group of people and we are always looking for fresh faces and ideas.
      Thanks again for your comment!
      Pride Chair 2013

  2. Is Burly Bear happening on Friday AND Sunday? I’m surprised it’s not Saturday afternoon.

  3. I’ve been talking to so many people and everyone keeps asking how come pride in Vermont isn’t held in the summer instead of September when the weather is not the best. Summer would be the best time in my opinion. I know people travel to different prides in the summer, but that doesn’t mean that people in Vermont wouldn’t support there own state. We have a lot to be proud of in Vermont. I would like to see our pride in the summer. Thanks

    • Hello Rich;

      Thank you for your comment; allow me to explain why the Pride Committee felt it necessary to move Pride away from June. I’ve always wanted to begin a letter with, Yes, Virginia…and while this may not be that time, my former boyfriend always said that memory is like selective amnesia: we remember those things that fit well with our expectations, conveniently forgetting those that don’t. Brings to mind Abraham Lincoln’s pithy saying about pleasing the people…

      The first Vermont Pride celebration took place in 1983; this year is our 31st! Over the years, Pride’s gone through many changes. For the first 22 years, we celebrated Pride in June, doggedly refusing to learn that Vermont’s June weather can be quite inclement (Anyone remember how this summer started out, how rainy it was?). More often than not, June rained on our parade. It was about 2005 that we moved Pride to July, reasoning that July has usually settled down–and it’s only one month removed from June. There’s just one problem with July: it can be rather uncomfortable being out in that weather for the entire Pride celebration! (Anyone remember how hazy, hot and humid July was this year?) We received mega complaints about how hot it was; scores of elder queers couldn’t be out in it for very long… Sitting under those tents in 100+ degree weather–no fun. July also means vacation-drain: Vermonters flee to P’town and other bigger Pride celebrations in major cities.

      About 2010, the Pride Committee started listening to suggestions that we move Pride to September, thus including the college population (absent in June and July) and Fall Foliage visitors. We knew very well how tough it would be acclimating folks to this change; this is why we produce our annual event Stonewall Commemoration–held each year in one of the several welcoming faith communities, on the actual date of the Stonewall Uprising–to mark that Vermont once celebrated Pride at this time. Change is never easy; but one only needs to look around to see that hosts of other cities and towns–all around the world–celebrate Pride at other times than June. Our neighbor to the south, Northampton, Massachusetts, celebrates Pride in April.

      I always say: we all should take on the task of producing at least one event in our lifetimes; it’a crash course in so many disciplines. Producing Pride is a ton of work: fund raising; working with the City of Burlington; maintaining a website and communications. Producing Pride costs well over $10,000, and that’s on a shoestring. We not only want it to be the best we can make it but also to have the biggest crowd of revelers come out to support it, enjoy it. People complain that Pride is too commercial; but when you’ve got city registrations fees, tent rentals, police, fire and emergency staff and insurances to pay…it all adds up. Please remember: these decisions don’t come easily. And, if you really want your voice to be heard, the way to making a difference is by joining the Pride Committee. We’re a really good, hard-working and welcoming group of volunteers–not one of us is paid to do this–who care deeply about our lgbtqa community here.

      Thank you again for your timely comment. I hope to meet you tomorrow!

      Best regards,
      Ernie Hathaway
      Vice Chair–Pride Vermont

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